Season 2, Episode 3: Edmund Bailey O’Callaghan

Edmund Bailey O’Callaghan, M.D., L.L.D/Bross. – Courtesy of US National Library of Medicine, Portrait No. 5079, 101424502, n.d.

Archives of Ontario, F 37, Mackenzie-Lindsey Fonds, a memorandum in William Lyon Mackenzie’s handwriting regarding Dr Wolfred Nelson, Dr O’Callaghan, and L. J. Papineau at St. Denis, n.d.

La Minerve

The Vindicator

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Portrait of Daniel O’Connell by J.P. Haverty R.H.A. from Derrynane House, Co. Kerry, Ireland
“Love’s Device.” John O’Hea, The Weekly Freeman, 1885
Daniel Tracey, BAnQ P1000, S4, D83, PT59
Louis-Joseph Papineau, LAC/MIKAN 2895718
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